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SadlySouth Africahome to hoodiahas the highest rate of obesity on the African continentnearly comparable with the United StatesThis is the plight of modernizationSouth Africa is one of the wealthiest nations in Africaand as in all emerging economieswealth and automation bring with it obesity.

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Hoodia gordonii is a rare plant that takes at least five years to matureAnd only the Bushmen have the right to harvest itThere is not enough of the real stuff to quench the appetite of all the dieters wishing to squelch their appetite.

Pregnancy and breast-feedingNot enough is known about the use of hoodia during pregnancy and breast-feedingStay on the safe side and avoid use.

To reassure consumers of the efficacy of Hoodoba diet pillsthe Hoodoba site goes on to quote the likely imaginary ProfPIvanov of the likely imaginary NewLife Health InstituteIf Ivanov existshe hasn’t published any papers in the last 57 years.

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