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KEPPRA can cause hematologic abnormalitiesHematologic abnormalities occurred in clinical trials and included decreases in white blood cellWBCneutrophiland red blood cellRBCcountsdecreases in hemoglobin and hematocritand increases in eosinophil countsCases of agranulocytosispancytopeniaand thrombocytopenia have been reported in the postmarketing settingA complete blood count is recommended in patients experiencing significant weaknesspyrexiarecurrent infectionsor coagulation disorders.

The extent of absorption of levetiracetam was not altered by foodbut the rate of absorption was slightly reduced.

The precise mechanism(sby which levetiracetam exerts its antiepileptic effect is unknownThe antiepileptic activity of levetiracetam was assessed in a number of animal models of epileptic seizuresLevetiracetam did not inhibit single seizures induced by maximal stimulation with electrical current or different chemoconvulsants and showed only minimal activity in submaximal stimulation and in threshold testsProtection was observedhoweveragainst secondarily generalized activity from focal seizures induced by pilocarpine and kainic acidtwo chemoconvulsants that induce seizures that mimic some features of human complex partial seizures with secondary generalizationLevetiracetam also displayed inhibitory properties in the kindling model in ratsanother model of human complex partial seizuresboth during kindling development and in the fully kindled stateThe predictive value of these animal models for specific types of human epilepsy is uncertain.

Antiepileptic drugsincluding KEPPRAshould be withdrawn gradually to minimize the potential of increased seizure frequency.

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in the well-controlled trial, more keppra-treated patients had a possibly clinically significant abnormally low wbc value 3.

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